Kenyan Powerhouse is a Festival Culture Blog based in Nairobi, Kenya. The brand was established in the year 2019 by Zakaria Njenga Kinyanjui with the help of a trusted group of family and close friends as a result of live performance enthusiasm.

Our mission is striving to give our audience the best experience in all matters, ‘Live Performance‘. Our vision is to showcase different festival cultures from The Motherland, Africa, and the rest of the World by 2040

Our range of services include;

  • Festival promotion; Music Event Corporates, Event Promoters, and Event Organizers can feature upcoming events on our website.
  • Festival Digital Content Creation; At Kenyan Powerhouse, we pride ourselves in creating entertaining digital content showcasing festival culture.
  • Festival Equipment Rental Service; Kenyan Powerhouse rents out festival equipment (Sound and Lighting) at reasonable prices.
  • DJ and Mcee Services for Events; Kenyan Powerhouse offers the best millennial Dj and Mcee services for your Events.

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